Automated Rig Technologies Ltd. believes that the next big step to advance performance and efficiency on land based drilling rigs is in the full automation of Pipe Handling. The future is “ONE-BUTTON” man-less operation of the repetitive, heavy and labor intensive handling of pipe on rigs. Automated control of upside equipment for drilling functions is necessary in today’s market to achieve the performance, efficiencies, and safety to meet the needs of the drilling programs of E&P Companies. By taking that control to all pipe handling functions from the ground to the wellbore and back we believe that the new generation of automated rigs will become the standard in the industry.Many new-built rigs have mechanized pipe handling functions. Some of the mechanized equipment can make the leap to automation through closed loop instrumentation and hydraulics, however most cannot. Automated Rig Technologies Ltd. will achieve “One-Button”pipe handling by applying Hydraulic Motion Control Technology to upgrade the equipment capable of being automated and integrating that equipment with new products.


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